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Still working on the translations paradigm post. Until then I wanted to point out an unscientific survy taken on msnbc and announced on the Today Show. The question that was asked, “Do you believe in astrology?” can be found here.

The results? With 1114 responses at the time of this post. The overwhelming answer was “Yes” (78%) and no had only 22%. One thing that may have influenced the poll results was the fact that it was reached through a link on the msnbc website that asked if you wanted to know about your reading. I am sure that skewed the survey just a bit but the results are still surprising. What are the implications? Are people turning more to an external locus of control?

I just can’t imagine saying my future is ruled by fate. There is no logic in that. There is no logic in placing your faith in a system that would seem to say someone born in the same location at the same time as yourself should have the exact same life as you do (maybe I am just misinformed about how they see that). I think these results are a little scarey. I wonder how many people in our churches believe in astrology?

There are a couple of passages in the Bible that relate to astrology.
Matthew 2 – the Magi
Isaiah 47:12-14 condemns it indirectly. Isaiah basically says that magic and astrology cannot compare with God.

Some would point to Luke 21:25 – signs of the end but I am not so sure about that one.

The Bible does not support the view that we are all victims of fate. Other religions in the ancient world believed there was a power greater than “the gods” and that was fate, often fate controlled by astrology that even the gods could not escape. Hopefully our members are not affected by this but some of them probably are. I wonder if this is something we should not spend a little more time educating people on. What have you run into and how prevalent do you think this is among Christians?

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  1. Good point and yes we probably do need to discuss it.

    I am glad people are searching for direction and it is good to know we have something superior to guide us.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  2. I find this most prevalent among newer Christians. I don’t think this is talked about enough, so newer Christians are not ever told that it is wrong. I hear all kinds of superstitious statements from Christians that make me wonder “do you know what you’re saying?” Of course, do I say something? Not always. And I think the curiosity of horoscopes can lure people in without them realizing the harm in it.

  3. HA HA HA …

    I just had the image of some guy walking up to some girl at a Church of Christ Singles gathering & asking, “Hey… what’s your sign?”

    I don’t know why that’s funny. Maybe ’cause it’s late.

    I’d love to see a systematic survey of questions about theology, astrology, anthropology, & science/evolution. This unscientific survey says 78% of people believe in astrology. There was another survey done some years ago that said 70+% of Americans believe in God. I’d like to see a survey that sees where people stand on all these things.

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