Prescription for Sexual Sanity

This has to be one of the best sermons done on having a healthy view of sex and sexuality. I believe this is from the 2001 Harding Lectures and it is by Don McLaughlin from the North Atlanta Church of Christ. I can’t remember if it was Philip or Daniel who brought this tape to […]

Tim Challies on Sexual Detox

Tim Challies has an excellent blog and is one you should subscribe to if you aren’t already. Tim offers up an excellent series of blog posts on sex, pornography, addiction, etc. These are excellent and should be read by all the guys/anyone in ministry. Nice work Tim! We need to encourage our young people before […]

Sex and Money

These are… Two topics the world talks about the most Two topics you rarely hear discussed in church (at least in Churches of Christ…for fear of being “like the denominations”) Two of the most argued about topics in marriage Two topics that are at the center of a high percentage of divorces One topic that […]

Search Terms Other Than “Sex” That Got People Here

WordPress provides a handy list of search terms that people used to arrive at your blog. These are interesting at times and I thought I would share a few. Top 5 search terms of all time: Olympics (2,929) Small group lessons (1,008) Oreo pizza (847) the rock (826) fully rely on God (817) Pretty sad […]

Articles on Cohabitation

Thanks to Don Flor for these two links to information on cohabitation: Article 1 – Sex Without Strings Article 2 – Sex Without Strings, Relationships Without Rings (Rutgers University) Also see the article I mentioned previously – Dangers of Cohabitation

Ripening Issues in the Church of Christ – Pornography

Another repeated message of the college rally last weekend was that many college students are struggling with pornography addictions. In Randy Harris and Chris Seidman’s question and answer period many of the questions submitted were related to pornography. When fully grown pornography becomes an addiction that can be as powerful as crack cocaine. The behavioral […]