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Articles on Cohabitation

April 21st, 2008 · No Comments · Marriage

Thanks to Don Flor for these two links to information on cohabitation:

Article 1 – Sex Without Strings

Article 2 – Sex Without Strings, Relationships Without Rings (Rutgers University)

Also see the article I mentioned previously – Dangers of Cohabitation

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  • preacherman

    Thanks for these wonderful sites about cohabitation. There are more people who are in these relationships than the church can imagine that would call themselves “Christian” and even go to “church regularly”. Does the church need to preach more sermons on cohabitation? I don’t know if that is the answer or not. We just need to be informed. Many of the politicians are for gay cohabitation and not marriage. Or cohabitation w/ marritial benefits. I apprecaite you bringing forth this issue.

  • Philip

    I’m impressed with the alliteration in those titles. I’m tempted to try to come up with my own, but I’m afraid of what I may come up with.

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