Sex Ed is Not Working – 1 in 4 Teenage Girls Have at Least 1 STD

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There is a tremendous push to have us believe all we need is more sex education in the schools. With this new study out showing that 25% of teenage girls between 14-19 are infected with at least 1 sexually transmitted disease it is clearer than ever that sex ed just isn’t working. 15% of those studied had multiple STD’s. That is just shocking. Throw in these stats from the 2005 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey with that and the picture is even more bleak:

46.8% of high school students have had sex.
14.3% have had sex with at least 4 people.
33.9% are currently sexually active.
62.8% used a condom the last time they had sex.
87.9% say they had been educated about HIV and AIDS in a school class (sex education).

Clearly it isn’t working. The “all we need is sexual education” crowd says education is all these young people need. When 9 out of 10 know the risks, 6 in 10 practiced what they were taught (use a condom), and 1 in 4 has a disease that can result in death, infertility, and life long consequences the message is clear – sex ed doesn’t work because kids aren’t mature enough to make these kinds of decisions. The bottom line is that kids understand pleasure more than they can grasp long term consequences and risk levels. If an educator hears that what they are doing is resulting in this kind of mess how can they keep from teaching the only responsible thing to teach? Abstinence.

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  1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the leading causes of death around the world are heart disease, cancer, HIV, and AIDS.

    Many organizations are primarily concerned about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like HIV and AIDS, as the prevalence of these conditions are high in developing countries, and can even affect very young children.

    About 5 million of the HIV/AIDS victims around the world have no access to medical facilities that may help alleviate their condition. Some of the other STD’s that are a cause for alarm are syphilis and gonorrhea.

    Many more STD’s are present across many cultures today, some of them are treatable, while others are not.

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