Sex and Money

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These are…

  1. Two topics the world talks about the most
  2. Two topics you rarely hear discussed in church (at least in Churches of Christ…for fear of being “like the denominations”)
  3. Two of the most argued about topics in marriage
  4. Two topics that are at the center of a high percentage of divorces
  5. One topic that most non-Christians think Christians never talk about (and they are right)
  6. Another topic that most non-Christians think Christians always talk about (in a bad way…as in “the church is just after my money”)
  7. Two topics that can wreck your life
  8. Two topics that have the potential of helping you live a healthy and happy life when lived with an understanding of God’s plan for each.

So why not have a Bible class on both? Next month our 20s & 30s class will be talking about these two issues in one of those “I wish someone would have told me that earlier…” types of Bible classes. It is amazing to me that the church is silent on an issue that is ripping people apart. The world is informing our young people about what is normal and healthy when it comes to sex and sexuality. Why should the church be silent? The world also sends out a non-stop message of greed and self-centered materialism that many of our young people are buying into for lack of hearing a case made for a biblical point of view when it comes to finances. Why not get out the message of what the Bible teaches about finance, money, and stewardship? This should be interesting…I will let you know how it goes!

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  1. The most popular small group Bible study I ever led was on the Song of Solomon. I used Tommy Nelson’s material. I believe you can find it at now. I agree completely that sex within marriage should be encouraged in Bible lessons and sermons. I would also recommend the marriage seminar “A Weekend to Remember” by FamilyLife ( It was a fantastic seminar dealing with several areas within marriage–including sex and finances (and it was a lot of fun).

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