Review: Logos 10 Reformed Bible Study Software

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Logos Bible study software is a platform that allows you to build a digital library of books and tools to study the Bible. This software has been indispensable to my Bible study for years. As much as I love holding a physical book in my hands I can study far more efficiently and purchase books far more inexpensively with Logos than with hard copies because you can search your entire library and find what you are looking for faster than with hard copies.

With all the products at Logos and as hard as you work to earn money you want to spend it wisely. Logos was kind enough to upgrade my software with the 10 Reformed Diamond edition in exchange for this review. Thank you to Logos for doing that! I requested this specific package because I saw the value of what they included and believe Reformed Diamond is a standout among the Logos 10 packages.

Logos 10 Reformed Diamond has some books that I really had my eye. Many of these are books I have used in the past as hard copies. Others I am familiar with their authors and appreciate their work or are topics of interest for me that might interest you as well.

Here is a thumbnail of what is in this package. Total of 2046 books that include:

  • The entire IVP dictionary set (8 volumes) – these are indispensable. A $250 value if bought alone.
  • Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics (31 volumes – full set) – this is a set I had a hard copy of until I had to downsize my office. Barth’s work is a must have resource for people serious about theology. A $300 value if bought alone.
  • New Studies in Biblical Theology (53 volumes) – I have owned a number of these over the years and to get this set is an absolute joy! Some of my favorite scholars have volumes in here on their areas of specialty – D.A. Carson, Craig Blomberg, G.K. Beale, Kostenberger, and so many more. A $460 value if bought alone.
  • 19 Bible translations ($185 value if bought alone)
  • 109 Interlinear Bibles (these put the Greek/Hebrew on top of the English in pretty much any translation you can imagine).
  • 873 commentaries including: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, Black’s New Testament Commentary, Calvin’s commentaries (46 vols), Continental Commentary, Pillar, Bruner on Matthew (2 vol) and Bruner on John (amazing work), some of the NIC, , IVP series, Tyndale series, and a ton of non-series commentaries by fantastic scholars. These would cost $14,246 if bought alone.
  • 39 Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias including the Anchor Bible Dictionary and the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. Nearly $900 if bought alone.
  • 50 volumes of Old and New Testament studies
  • 55 Greek and Hebrew resources including NA28 & Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with the critical Apparatus
  • 130 Journal editions
  • 68 volumes of systematic theology
  • 73 volumes of Biblical theology
  • 83 volumes of church history
  • 70 volumes by the church fathers
  • 6 Full courses
  • 27 volumes of devotional and spiritual growth
  • 12 volumes of Bible surveys/introductions
  • And still hundreds more…

Here is where it gets even better…

Now, take all of these amazing books and integrate them into Logos powerful Bible study tools where these become fully searchable and integrated into tools like the word study tool or the factbook. Now, you have just leveraged what were already great books into a platform that allows you to quickly and easily discover what is there with a few clicks and in context with other similar resources that you can just scroll your mouse over and go right to them at the specific reference!

This is what makes Logos superior to hard copies. The information is integrated and far easier to access at lightning speed. One of the upgrades Logos made in version 10 is a faster interface/processing so you can find things much quicker than in Logos 9 and below. It is a game changer for me!

If you want to learn more about the features of Logos 10, I did a review of that in full detail here – Logos 10 Bible Software Review – Lots of Good, One Thing You Need to Know.

Cost vs value + discounts

The total value of this collection if bought individually would be $41,000! I mention that to illustrate how much they discount things. Now, I know you would never buy every single book in this package if you bought them one at a time but even with the ones that are worth buying (amongst the dictionaries, commentaries, original languages, etc) it is still a steep discount.

If this is your first purchase, this set is $3449.99. With over 2000 books that is around $1.50/book. But that isn’t the final price.

There are four ways to get it for less.

1 – Dynamic pricing: If you already own a package it will almost certainly be less because of dynamic pricing. Some people will see it for $700-$900. For some it will be more. It all depends on what you already own. You can see your price as well as all the resources included here – Logos 10 Reformed Diamond. Logos applies this automatically when you view the product and at checkout.

2 – Referral link: First time purchasers can save $100 at this link.

3 – This week only Logos has Reformed packages at 20% off! Perfect timing

4 – Coupon Code: Get another 10-15% off by using the code MINISTRYTHANKS at checkout.

Between these three discounts it should be a pretty good discount from the original price above.

I hope you will consider purchasing Logos 10 and this package in particular. I don’t believe you will be disappointed and if you are, just call Logos and ask for a refund within 30 days and you will get all your money back.

PS – If you want to keep up with the latest deals at Logos including alerts to free books, please join the Logos deals facebook page I run! We have over 3000 members and we share great finds and specials with each other on a regular basis.

To read my review of Logos 10’s functionality and upgrades check this out.

Also, the above link is an affiliate link where I get a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

For a fuller explanation watch this! Thanks for reading and watching.

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