5 Key Discipleship Principles Every Christian Should be Familiar With

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1 – Be a disciple maker of disciple makers, not just a disciple or a disciple who makes a disciple. Jesus made disciple makers, not just disciples. Now it can go viral. This changes what you do and why you do it in discipleship.

2 – Read the Word to understand the Word to live the Word to share the Word. If people just did that, we would be much better off. How many problems exist not because people are unfamiliar with the Bible but because we aren’t living it?

3 – The Holy Spirit is essential in the life of the disciple. You cannot follow Jesus without the Holy Spirit’s daily help. Learn not just to acknowledge the Spirit’s existence but to rely on the Spirit in all things.

4 – Church planting movements are started with discipleship movements that are started by prayer movements. We need to move in that reverse order. If you don’t know what to do or even if you do – pray about discipleship every single day.

5 – Why you make disciples matters a ton. We make disciples because we love people and because God loves us and God loves people. Period. If love isn’t the center of why you make disciples things can turn to any of these terrible things: abusive discipleship practices, hierarchy, one-way accountability, box checking.

What would you add or which ones do you have questions on?

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