Three Part Prayer Strategy for Mission with Regularity and Intentionality

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Disciple making and church planting movements start as prayer movements. We must be in prayer, all the time.

Here is what we have adopted in praying for mission with regularity and intentionality.

1 – Daily prayer prompts

2 – Weekly prayer meeting on zoom (15 minutes)

3 – Monthly prayer walk

Daily prayer prompts
These are lists that I have compiled from various sources to make sure I am staying focused on mission and making disciples. It is important we pray for specific things on a regular basis. Not only does this keep these things before God’s throne but it also keeps these items before us so that we will not lose sight of our priorities.

Weekly prayer meeting on zoom
We do a zoom every Saturday night in order to pray for God to move on Sunday. We keep it brief (15 minutes) so it isn’t difficult to attend. We ask God to move. We ask God to work miracles. We praise and thank God.

Monthly prayer walk
We go on a prayer walk as a church once a month. Lately it has been weekly in a new area we want to plant another church. Detailed instruction in the link below.

Resources to help you get started (direct download)

How to Prayer Walk

Daily Prayer Prompts

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Check out this video for more info on these rhythms!

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