God May Use Africa To Turn the American Church Around: Six Things They Can Teach Us

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The United States has sent many missionaries to Africa over the last 100+ years. Seeds were planted there that are now producing a massive harvest. As God is moving in the church in Africa and movements are taking place there, the American church is dwindling.

Is it possible that in God’s perfect timing the seeds that were planted and coming to fruition in African might just come full circle to bless the church in America?

We are now seeing African ministers and ministries being inspiration to American churches and ministries!

There are a few key lessons that we learn from what we see God doing in Africa:

1 – A heavy emphasis on prayer and fasting. Leaders in these movements spend 1-3 hours a day in prayer and fast regularly.

2 – Taking obedience to Jesus’ commands seriously…like Jesus told us to in the Great Commission.

3 – Using everyday people to propel the mission and multiplication (like the apostles – Acts 4).

4 – Taking discipleship seriously. Being disciples who make disciples who make disciples is a normative thing rather than an exceptional thing.

5 – God is doing miracles there that we don’t see here. Why is it missionaries have the miracle stories and we don’t have them here on the same level in most cases. I do believe God is doing miracles in America but I believe we can be stiffed necked and resistant.

6 – They are serious about surrender and submission to authority (particularly God’s authority – remember the Great Commission “All authority…” We like our authority in the States…we like position and title. Maybe we are getting in our own way.

God is using the church in Africa to get our attention.

Now, here is the warning – let’s not mess this up!

How might we mess it up? By looking at what they are doing and what God is doing there (rapidly growing movements) and turn it into a commercial branding building exercise here. Please…no!

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