Ever Feel Stuck & Can’t Start Making Disciples? One Word to Get You Unstuck

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We live under the illusion of thinking that if we just know what to do that we will inevitably do it. But knowledge and action don’t always work together. How many people know to lose weight by diet and exercise but haven’t done anything with that knowledge? How many people know how to make disciples but don’t?

There most likely isn’t anyone who can say the magic words to change your aspiration to be a disciple who makes disciples into a reality. No new book that will come out that will finally push you over the edge. If what has already been said and written isn’t enough, a new word probably won’t get you out of your rut either.

If you feel stuck…this one is for you! You can get unstuck but it won’t take trying harder. That’s how you only go deeper in quicksand. You need something else…

I don’t have the right words either but I do have a word.

The word is surrender.

This word can move you from frozen to fruitful.

The reason you aren’t moving forward is probably because you are trying to maintain control and/or you are scared to let go. You think you have to have the answers for people. You think it is up to your own smarts. But none of that is true. God wants to help. God will help. And it can only happen by His power and wisdom, not yours. And it is hard to experience that power if we don’t think we need it or act like we need it.

The only way forward is to surrender. Surrender to God. Give up your power, step out of the way and watch God use His power. Turn to God in prayer, ask for His help! Ask God for wisdom and discernment. Pray for that Acts 5 boldness. Even fast and pray.

After all the prayer, all the fasting…you have to wave the white flag of self-surrender and entrust yourself firmly into the hands of God to be used as God wills.

Only then will you be able to get past the obstacles that seem to be holding you back.

If you feel perpetually frozen, then I will also suggest that it is spiritual attack. The devil doesn’t want you making disciples. Read more about that here so you can prepare.

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