Biblical Preaching May Not Be What You Think It is

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I love to preach. It is energizing…challenging…and a deeply spiritual event. There really isn’t anything like it. What can I say? It is special.

But what if there was more to preaching than what we generally think of it in terms of something that is done by a single person on Sunday?

What if you opened your Bible and studied what the Bible says about preaching and found out that there was a lot more to it than that?

I believe if you study it you will find:

It wasn’t about a Sunday experience – it was done all the time

It wasn’t for the insiders – it was for the outsiders

It wasn’t designated for one person to do it for the whole group but was something more people could do

What if your best sermon was with a non-Christian friend at Starbucks? If you go to the lexicons and look up the term to preach you don’t find what we do on Sunday in there. It doesn’t mean we aren’t preaching, it might just mean that our primary definition of preaching wasn’t theirs.

If you want more information and provoke more thinking on this subject, I share the Greek definitions and some challenges here

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