The Three Biblical Keys to Kingdom Growth Are Already In Your Church

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And here they are…

1 – Prayer. Prayer movements always precede kingdom movements. The largest movements in Christian history have always started with fervent prayer. Movements in Acts began in prayer (Acts 1 led to Acts 2, Acts 10 starts with Peter in prayer, Acts 13’s prayer and fasting led to a missionary journey). Anyone can pray. Pray for movements. Pray God would use you and your congregation for movement. Even if only you, just one person, does this…it can happen.

2 – Ordinary people. You know the drill on this already. Jesus called ordinary people. The 12 apostles were ordinary people. Your church is full of ordinary people. You don’t need the next great preacher hire for a movement and growth to begin. You need to mobilize the people God gave you. To do that you might consider having them assess their giftedness and then get equipped to reach the lost, serve the poor, etc. I am continuing to work on free tools here on the site to help put those in your hands.

3 – The Holy Spirit. The book of Acts shows that movements don’t happen without the movement of the Spirit. From Acts 2 at Pentecost to Acts 10 with Cornelius to Acts 13 with the missionary journeys…they all start with prayer (even fasting), ordinary people and a movement of the Spirit.

God has given every church everything needed to grow. Let us not resist but realign ourselves with the Spirit toward the mission of God!

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