A New Kind of Church Leader – Cover Your Toes!

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Jesus taught us a lot about leadership. He demonstrated it in how he lived as a servant leader. He also taught on it. In all of our rush to discuss “elder qualifications” it might be wise to take a step back and pay attention to Jesus’ leadership.

I believe if we did that we would see a new kind of leadership develop. It isn’t the old leadership with a new focus. It is a completely different operating system. It is a Philippians 2:5-11 operating system where we humbly submit ourselves before God in obedience. We make decisions only after seeking the Father’s guidance. We move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit. All of these things are marks of Jesus’ leadership that largely get left out of our approaches.

If you would like to think more on this and consider the implications for church leaders or your own leadership then this is for you. Feel free to share with other leaders you know who might benefit from this.

This is what discipleship leadership looks like. Leaders who are actively trying
to follow Jesus as humble servants.

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