Have We Given Up Studying the Bible With People?

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What do you think about someone when you hear they have Bible studies with people? Does it make them seem like a super Christian? Maybe they sound like a saint?

What if that was just an ordinary thing to do? What if being a saint was just another word for being a Christian, because that is what Paul thought…starting his letters off by calling God’s people saints.

Why don’t we?

Maybe we don’t study the Bible with people because we don’t study the Bible ourselves? And maybe we don’t talk with others about it because we don’t have faith that the Holy Spirit will help those conversations go well.

So we are left with little knowledge and little power and it only makes sense that we would feel stuck in our tracks when it comes to helping others come to know Jesus on a deeper level. We can’t take people deeper in the pool than we are willing to go ourselves.

But here is a little secret

The most important things in the Bible don’t require a PhD to figure out – they are actually quite simple and have been easily sharable for thousands of years!

So let’s get back in the Word. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit for help. Let’s walk with people through the Word and watch and see what God does with it. You will never go wrong!

Here is a little tool to help keep things simple. It’s called Discovery Bible study and you can use it with anyone, anywhere…all you need is a verse. I suggest you start using it for daily study. Then start asking others to study with you and use it together. Then see what God does!

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