Starting a House Church Resource List:

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Have you ever considered starting a house church? Here are some resources that I have found particularly helpful along the way. We have a weekly zoom that we do for those who are serious about starting and need some help to get things going. Let me know if that interests you –

What is important is that these books are written by practitioners who have demonstrated success:


“The House Church Book” by Wolfgang Simson
This book is a paradigm shifter if you come out of “big church” and are looking at house church.

“Houses that Change the World” by Wolfgang Simson
A Fuller Exposition of the previous book. It gives the history of house churches and the principles involved in forming a house church and carrying on ministry.

“In the Way” By Damian Gurke
Damien talks about some of the shortcomings of the traditional paradigm of big church and the advantages of the house church model.

“Training for Trainers” By Ying Kai
Ying and Grace Kai outline their method of multiplying house churches. They have multiplied thousands of churches over the years.

“The Only One” By Curtis Sergeant
Similar to the Kai’s – Curtis has also multiplied thousands of house churches. This book will motivate you to action. You can download this one free to an e-reader at this site here with the code ONE4FREE

Neighborhood Mapping By Fuder & Bakke
Practical tools to understand your community.


Zume training – 20 hours of free training that is well worth your time – a network of people working to make disciples and plant churches around the world.

Finishing the Task – getting Bibles to all people groups in every language

Feel free to add more resources in the comments!

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