Locked in on Jesus – Keep Your Focus!

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What does it take to get our eyes off Jesus?

The woman in Luke 7 shows us just how focused a person can be on the Lord.

A Pharisee named Simon had Jesus over for dinner…in the middle of the meal, a woman came into the room. She was weeping, crying…she made her way to Jesus and began to wash his feet with her tears.

That wouldn’t be all that difficult to do for a couple of reasons. First, homes were far more accessible and closer to public spaces than today. Second, his feet were easy to access as he reclined at the table.

As she anointed Jesus and washed his feet with her tears, something happened that hadn’t considered until recently. Her hair got rather nasty. We know this because the next thing Jesus says is to the host, Simon, that Simon had not washed Jesus’ feet upon his arrival. That was customary to do or at least provide because walking was a dirty way to travel.

Now imagine the sobs and the awkwardness in the room…awkward for everyone except Jesus. He didn’t rebuke her. He forgave her and had her go in peace!

Imagine how locked in on Jesus she had to be in that moment! I don’t know about you but I really don’t like putting myself on display like that. But she was desperate and, I believe, she knew she was safe with Jesus even if she wasn’t with everyone else.

This woman we often refer to as the “sinful woman” had much about her that I deeply admire. Maybe there is a better name for her like, “The woman who loved Jesus deeply” or something like that! I admire her locked in focus and trust in Jesus. I admire her ability to focus on her task and not feel compelled to utter a single word. I admire her vulnerability in a room of judgmental people. I don’t know about you but I much prefer to protect myself far more than this woman was which only makes me think that she has much to teach me about being more focused on Jesus than I am on myself!

What is it that challenges you keeping your focus locked in on Jesus?

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  1. As “locked on Jesus” this woman was, was it not Jesus’ task to make us locked on God? More and more it seems God is leaving our vocabulary.
    More and more it seems we are focused totally on Jesus, where His purpose was to reconcile us with God.
    Where His purpose was to bring us to the Father, so that we may be one, as Jesus and the Father are one.
    “It’s all about Jesus” seems to be “our” new battle cry. And where does that leave the Father?

    1. She literally was in the presence of Jesus focused on him. That’s specific. So I don’t feel the need to say God here rather than Jesus.

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