5 Kingdom Predictions for 2022

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I believe there are big changes coming and they are only accelerating. COVID has made everything move faster than it already was. Here are a few things that I believe will happen in 2022 at a faster pace than ever before.

1 – We will see more people leave professional ministry. This will happen at a record pace.

2 – Some of those who leave will start house churches and be bi-vocational or find income not from church work.

3 – We will see more hybrid churches – house churches with an online presence for others who want to stream content to their own house church. Our Safe Harbor and Patrick Mead are doing this well.

4 – There will be an increase in persecution against the church and Christianity in 2022 (which will make house churches even more viable).

5 – I believe we will see more miracles than we have seen in the past. It isn’t that God is necessarily doing more but that we will have the eyes to see.

What do you believe will happen in 2022 from a kingdom perspective? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. A few more folks will realize that the Kingdom has been here on earth with power since Pentecost- it is not Augustine’s place called heaven out beyond the farthest galaxy- it is the Bride of Christ and we have work to do here and now.

  2. I’m neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I do know that the model of the church in the 1st century was the house church. If God is moving us toward this, so much the better for His kingdom! If this happens, conversions will increase, but as Mark says above, it will be hard to measure using the old models.

    1. Of course, is growth measurement really all that necessary? Or is that just a result of our business approach? Is that more because we feel we have something to prove our worthiness?

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