What We Know About Christmas

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I don’t know if Jesus was born on December 25th…

I don’t know if there were three wise men or thirty…

I don’t know if the room with the animals was part of a house or a cave or something else…

There are many other things that I wish I knew with a higher level of detail but what I know is true…what is most important in the Jesus story is what we know with a high level of clarity – that God became flesh and dwelt among us! God in flesh!

I know they beheld his glory and died telling his story.

I know he was born in the humblest of circumstances…a king born into poverty!

I know people came to worship him because he was and is worthy of our highest praise.

While God didn’t choose to fill in the answer to all of my questions, He still choose to do the most marvelous and wonderful thing….an event unimaginable…omnipotent God contained in a fragile baby!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the focus continues to be on the coming of the enfleshed God!

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