Book Giveaway – “The New Testament In Its World” By N.T. Wright

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We are giving away a copy of N.T. Wright’s “The New Testament in Its World“! This is a $40 MASSIVE book and a wonderful read full of rich resources. My goal is to break 3500 Wineskins YouTube subscribers by the end of 2021. We are just over 3400 as of today…If we do that, I will give away a copy to someone who subscribed in December. So go ahead and subscribe, tell a friend and let me know you subscribed in the comments if your subscriptions aren’t public!

The truth is…I am going to give a copy away anyway because I don’t want strings attached 😉

Here is the subscribe link.

Please share far and wide…the channel is growing with over 400 videos for you to watch or share! Looking forward to an amazing 2022…things are going to get serious in a good way!

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