We Don’t Have An Evangelism Problem

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I used to think the problem was a lack of evangelism. It turns out that isn’t it. What is the problem? We have a love problem. Back when you were in High school or college you didn’t need much motivation to go talk with the person you were attracted to. You pretty much had to figure out how to go about it one way or the other.

I am afraid we aren’t attracted to the lost and we aren’t attracted to them because we don’t love them like we should. I can only speak for myself in any direct sense but I don’t think I am alone.

We will reach out to those we love. If we don’t reach out it only begs the question of whether or not we truly love them. If we love them we will figure out an approach. There are hundreds of ways to reach out – just pick one, show people you care and see what God does with it!

This isn’t a knowledge problem – the knowledge exists…the paths and processes for effective evangelism are all over the place, open source. No cost. You can drown in unused approaches.

This isn’t a power problem. God has the power to change hearts. We don’t and God will change hearts real time as we work on people life on life.

This is a tried and true love people that has turned into something worse – a faith problem. Let that sink in!

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