Can You Articulate the Gospel?

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In the comments below – articulate the Gospel. Take as much space as you want to fully explain what you believe the good news about Jesus entails.

Second, write a briefer/twitter version of what the gospel is.

Third, give some feedback on how easy or difficult it was to write what you wrote.


3 Responses

  1. He has conquered sin and death; He reigns!

    Christ and the NT writers announced the Gospel of the Kingdom… Most of us with a CoC background have only heard the gospel of individual salvation. Individual salvation is true and important, but only as part of a much bigger truth that is greater than we realize. Christ came at exactly the right time to restore the throne of David and to eliminate the problems of sin and death for all who had lived in faith under the older Covenants… The Good News is that Christ has redeemed us to be a peculiar people, His possession, a royal priesthood, His bride and family through which he exercises his dominion upon the earth.

    We have been saved to serve. Look to Pro 31 for a great picture of what we should be doing daily as His bride. We have been granted unlimited spiritual power by His indwelling Spirit to wield in a world that is screaming for His truth to vanquish the forces of darkness.. Get out of the pews and get to work… He doesn’t want us fretting over our salvation or worrying about how large of a mansion we will be occupying for eternity…

    The tabernacle of the Ever-present One is once again here on earth with men- The Garden has been restored. We have in our hands the Water of Life and the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations. That is the Gospel of the Kingdom!

    It takes decades to mentally weed out the countless religious traditions we have inherited- but once we finally can see past them, the Gospel of the Kingdom is very simple and consistent to share.


    A very long time ago, God determined He could not punish any of His creation, though His justice made it necessary to punish someone. The Trinity all agreed that His Son could come to this earth to live among us, feel our pain, experience our temptations ending His life in excruciating punishment enough to take our place. All He asks from us in return is that we be follow Him displaying our obedience in repentance, confessing our sins and performing the beautiful symbolism of death to our sins in the watery grave of baptism rising from the water free of our guilt as pure white snow ready to follow Him till death. Our reward will be to spend eternity with Him in Paradise.

    2. The gospel is the good news that Jesus died for us, because of us and instead if us.

    3. Took some careful thought but not difficult at all.

  3. Articulating the gospel…

    God so loved…
    Christ and Him crucified
    Buried and raised by choice
    Imitate God

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