Vision, Intention and Means (VIM) – Boldly Pursuing God’s Vision

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Dallas Willard often emphasized VIM – Vision, Intention and Means. You can find this in his book Renovation of the Heart in chapter 5. He said that Christians must have “the vision of life in the kingdom”, “the intention to be a kingdom person” and “seeking out and applying to means to that end” (of obeying Christ). I believe all of that is absolutely true but I also believe it is incomplete.

Here is the adjustment – where we have vision and intention to carry out the vision (through concrete decisions and actions) that God supplies the means. God supplies the means to complete the vision. There is never a time where God gives someone a vision for how things could be, the person buys into the vision and lives into the vision (intentionally) and God allows them to come up short of the vision.

Where there is vision and intention, God supplies the means.

What vision has God given to you about what He wants you to do? It is up to us to pursue that vision or not. It is entirely possible, like Jonah, to know God’s vision for your next steps and completely ignore Him. But if you are paying attention to God’s leading and prodding…then you may well have a solid intention to carry out the vision as evidenced by concrete decisions in the direction of God’s vision.

If and when you take those steps and make those decisions you will begin to watch God provide the means to accomplish the vision – one step at a time!

The vision alone is not enough…intending to carry it out without decision or action is not enough to catalyze God’s provision…God won’t put gas in a car that is going to sit idle. No. Where God gives a vision and we embrace it…and we move in that direction…God will make sure we arrive!

We have seen this happen over and over and over again – God will not fall short. God’s people are so dying for vision that they will give in response to vision. God’s people will step up to the plate to supply resources where they see vision and execution! Now, please don’t think by provision of means I am just talking about money…that is the least important (though often necessary) piece. God will provide the power. God will provide the people. God will provide the talent. God will provide the words to say in the right moment and yes sometimes He will provide the money needed as well.

If you don’t see God’s vision for your life ask Him for it. It may not be some grand worldwide adventure. It may be to live faithfully right where you are. But even that can be a challenge! So be faithful. Keep your integrity. Seek God’s vision and pursue it with all that you have and watch God provide everything necessary to reach your destination. It is one of the most spiritually affirming exercises a person can live through!

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