Flipping the Script on Church Involvement

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How does your church involve the members? For most of my ministry we had involvement forms that you would hand to new people and ask them to pick a few things to do.

While that is necessary on some level from an organizational perspective it isn’t the best starting point.

What is the best starting point?

In Acts 13, they are going to send out missionaries. They pray about it and the Holy Spirit tells them who to send. They didn’t start with we need three or four or five people.

Instead, they prayed and the Spirit helped me see what to do next. Three chapters later the Holy Spirit again moves them in the right direction. To do the mission before us we have to be in tune with the Spirit, be in prayer and be aware of how God has gifted His people!

Involvement should start with God – who has God sent you and what gifts has God given them that they care deeply about?

Tap into that!

We thrive when we use the gifts God gave us…and not only do we thrive, but so do those around us!

So let’s flip the script and start with God – who He sent and how He gifted and go from there!

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