God’s Timing, Our Faith

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When I told my elders I wanted 90 days before my resignation was final they came back with 45. And it was all God. I wanted 90 because that would give me time to get my ducks in a row with applying for non-profit for our new church plant, Backyard Church. 45 wasn’t going to allow me to cross all my t’s or dot all my i’s…in other words I wasn’t going to get things my way.

God had other plans.

When our timing prevails faith doesn’t always have as big a chance to stretch and grow.

I believe God wanted me to be put into a situation where I had to watch Him work instead of me work my plan. God’s timing wasn’t my timing and that means my faith is going to get tested!

Faith isn’t getting everything on our terms. Faith is trusting that God’s way is best and trusting Him to work all things for the good!

When was a time in your life the timing didn’t work out in your favor and instead you got to watch God work things out and your faith grew?

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