What is the Core of The Gospel? The Answer Isn’t Surprising At All

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What is the core of the gospel?

Forgiveness of sins?

Dying and going to heaven?

Social justice?

Doing kind things?

The restoration of Israel?

What is the core of the gospel?

However we answer that question may say more about us than it says about the Bible. Martin Luther would have answered that a bit differently than Alexander Campbell, than Foy Wallace, Jr. Chances are what we think is the core of the gospel may have less to do with what the Bible points to and more to do with what we value. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All the things above are good things. It is very easy for us to project our values on the Bible’s values. Egocentrism. Confusing our values and priorities with God’s.

It is important we read the Bible fresh and try our best to allow the Bible to define the terms and center our lives on the Gospel of the Kingdom as Jesus preached it and lived it…and for us to tell it to others and live it as well.

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