What Any Serious Belief In God Should Drive Us To Do

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It is very important we live lives consistent with what we believe. If we say we believe something but don’t live in line with it on some level, how much do we really believe it?

If we believe that there is an all powerful, all knowing God of the universe…who created each one of us, gave us value (made in the image of the Creator), and gives us our purpose…it would only make sense that belief would have an impact on how we live.

We would live to glorify such a being. If God is the greatest being that can be conceived of, we would seek to glorify God with our lives. There wouldn’t be anything more worthy to live for or die for than God. Are we living our lives for His glory above our own?

Second, we would try to live holy lives. Knowing that God is holy and that Jesus died to make us holy and the work of the Spirit in us makes us holy – we would want to live consistently with holiness.

Third, we would want to reach the lost because their creator wants them found and the risk of not being found is so high, that reaching the lost should be ever before our minds. The idea that we walk past people every day who don’t know God should trouble us and move us to action. It should move our compassion and mercy to engage them with the Jesus-story.

What would life look like if we lived in line with the beliefs we profess?

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  1. It would also be seen in the Jewish idea of gemilut hasadim, the giving of lovingkindness. First performed by G-d himself when he buried Moses. Examples include visiting the sick, clothing the naked, burying the dead, and feeding the hungry. Jesus repeated most of these.

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