Heaven Will Never Be the Same…A Key Question To Ask Yourself

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After chasing my dream to become a clinical psychologist I knew I was on the wrong path. There was one question in the burnout that burned in my heart…that caused me to give up on my dream.

“What can you do with your life that will change eternity?”

Write books. Publish papers. Work at a University. Doing psychotherapy and clinical research.

All good things…even great things. All difference making things. Some of that would have ripple effects into eternity but not on a scale I was happy with. It didn’t reflect a dedication to the most important.

Let me just say we need people who do all those things. We need Christians who do all those things. But I was being called. Called into ministry.

When you reach a person for the Lord, eternity changed. Heaven changed. Someone will be there who wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Conversations will happen in eternity that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

What can you do today that will change eternity? Where heaven will never be the same?

What are you doing with your life that is making an eternal difference. I don’t think these things have to appear to be monumental things. They can be small things.

We need to be intentional in this lifetime to engage in activities on some scale that have an impact on eternity!

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