Blind spots

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We need people we are close to who can help us see our blind spots. By blind spots, I mean parts of our personality or character that are lacking we are not readily aware of. Others know but we don’t.

We all have them. Becoming aware of them can be disorienting and disappointing.

We may deny them when others bring them up. To see them clearly often drags up things we would rather keep buried.

Who do you have in your life who can be kind and truthful? Someone who knows you well enough to see you clearly and loves you enough to tell you without driving you away?

Jesus called out blind spots. People didn’t like it. He called out Niccodemus who was a big deal teacher in Israel but whose blind spot seems to have been Jesus himself. He called out the blind spots of those who caught the women who was committing adulterous. Their own sin and self-righteousness was their blind spot.

I would ask you what yours is but you wouldn’t know.

Instead I will ask this, who can you ask about yours to gain a better understanding of yourself?

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