A Fresh Look at What the Bible Says (And Doesn’t Say) About Celebrating Christmas

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The memes are flying about…as they do every year at this time. Ignorance abounds…the world must be stunned by our lack of charity and the judgment Christians toss about in regard to celebrating Christmas. Try out this one for instance…

In the video below I share my thoughts on celebrating Christmas and talk about a few aspects of it. First, our Restoration Movement heritage was more open to this at the beginning (Campbell and others) than many assume. Second, the Bible actually does give instruction on celebrating days some deem as holy and others do not – Romans 14. Take a look and I hope and pray the video blesses you.

Second, let me point you to Bobby Valentine’s post today debunking the idea that Jesus couldn’t have been born in the winter because we conflate our winter with their winter – “Winter Weather in Israel and Christmas”.

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