Barriers to Movement and Growth – Here is My Prayer

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When you listen to Jesus teach about the kingdom, we find over and over that the kingdom (by design) grows…exponentially. Growth is intertwined in the double helix of kingdom DNA.

So what happens when growth isn’t occurring when growth is part of kingdom design? I don’t necessarily mean numerical growth. I mean kingdom growth. Kingdom growth is not perfectly charted in an attendance chart or a giving chart. Kingdom growth can be bubbling under the surface for some time before it finally becomes visible and evident to those willing to pay attention and notice it.

There are some things that are barriers to movement and barriers to growth. There are things that bind us up…that put on the brakes, bringing kingdom business to a halt. Satan is green lighting as many of these speed bumps as possible.

We shouldn’t help Satan do his work.

So often I find that the obstacles don’t come from the outside. They come from the inside. So often we see movement slowed down by our allies…even our own selves.

We need to be in prayer…we need to be fasting, asking God to remove these barriers so that we can begin moving again…so that we can grow as the kingdom is designed to grow. My prayer is this has been bubbling under the surface for years and is just ready to burst open!

We need to be in prayer for liberation from our fear, liberation from our failure, liberation from our tradition. We need to ask God to humble us from our own “wisdom” so that we will seek Him again, 100%!

This is my prayer. Will you join me in praying about this?

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