5 Reminders to Help You Through Your Day

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Negativity sells. It gets eyeballs looking at things…attention. Attention is the greatest metric in our world today for success. Advertisers are looking for it. Celebrities are looking for it. It is easiest to get attention through negativity and drama. Therefore, negativity and drama sell…they get put on the front page.

A steady diet of negativity and drama will drive you insane. It isn’t good for the soul. We must be realistic about hard things, don’t bury your head in the sand. But also don’t be convinced that everything is falling apart!

We need a dose of encouragement in our lives. So let me offer you a few thoughts to lift your spirits today.

1 – You are a child of God made in the image of your Father. You have inherent worth and value, regardless of your accomplishments in this life.

2 – Jesus died for you. God loves you so much that he would send his son to die for you. What an amazing gift! The price we couldn’t pay, wouldn’t pay…was paid for us through Jesus. But more than that…#3

3 – Jesus’ resurrection is our hope. No matter what the world throws at you or how people mess with you – you have eternal hope that cannot be taken away. That though they slay your body, you will rise again on the last, great day!

4 – You have the Holy Spirit. If you are in Christ, you are a temple of the Spirit of God. He dwells in you. He seals you for the day of redemption! What an amazing gift that God chooses to dwell in these jars of clay!

5 – You have an amazing family. Christians aren’t always lovely but there is so much love and so much good being done by Christians. Let’s never forget that. More Christians are loving and kind than they are not. The nice ones just don’t get the headlines!

God loves you. You belong. You are loved. Jesus died for you. He rose for you. You have God’s Spirit and an amazing family. So keep your chin up! God, your daddy, is watching over you today.

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