Review of “Discipleship that Fits” By Bobby Harrington and Alex Absalom

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“Discipleship that Fits” is a book that came out in 2016 by Bobby Harrington (of Renew and and Alex Absalom (who co-authored “Launching Missional Communities” with Mike Breen and 3DM). It is a book that has some influence by “The Search to Belong” by Joseph Myers which centers on social space in the ministry of Jesus. The idea is that Jesus was around different kinds of groups of people at different times to accomplish different aspects that came together to make disciples.

Here is why I decided to review this book with all of the other options out there on discipleship. When I read Letters to the Church by Francis Chan (and reviewed it here on the blog) it left me motivated, kicked in the gut, but without any meaningful next steps. I wanted part 2 but didn’t get it!

“Discipleship that Fits” is a book that can help you look at existing ministries in a new way for new purposes – all aimed at making disciples. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this is. I had someone trying to launch a small group ministry and I pointed them to this book last week because the principles of small group sized groups are outstanding and I knew that guidance would bring that particular minister clarity.

This book clearly defines terms that we all use in different ways to mean very different things. It also gives practical help on how to focus the ministries of your church to be more purposeful through the lens of how various spaces (group sizes) operate in social interactions to make fully formed disciples.

As I read this book I went through my memory to various things that either worked or didn’t work and it matched well with what the book is saying. I can think of times in ministry where we had perfectly aligned social spaces and groups with purposes that fit. I can also think of things in my ministry that don’t align and don’t work, I had never understood why until reading this book.

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing this book here on the blog. I hope you will purchase a copy, follow along and join in the discussion!

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