A Video Tutorial on Reading the Bible Better in Churches of Christ (Parts 1 – 4)

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I am working through some tutorial material to get more out of Bible study via YouTube. There are a lot of people out there who get stuck in their Bible reading. They can’t make sense of something and have a hard time moving ahead. Or maybe they don’t know the bigger story of the Bible and how the parts move together. Then there are issues like context, genre, translation, and a need for some case studies on how to read and interpret scriptures from various genres in the Bible.

Here are the first four parts of a series that I hope will enrich your Bible study. Please ask any questions you have. I regularly get questions from people on things like this and really enjoy answering.

Part 1 – Introduction to reading the Bible and how a better approach would help iron out many of our issues in Churches of Christ that distract from our mission and purpose

Part 2 – An assessment of our typical approach and some of its shortcomings

Part 3 – Why do we read the Bible in the first place? You need to start with the right why if you want the right how.

Part 4 – If we want to read the Bible better we need to get a handle on the bigger story. This means reading the Bible cover to cover and as often as possible. This video outlines the historical books of the Old Testament in order to help understand what Genesis-Esther is about and how they tell the whole Old Testament story. The rest of the Old Testament fits back into those books.

I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I enjoy creating them. More to come!

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