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We are some of the only people in the history of the world to live a semi-comfortable life without having to try that hard. Until the last few generations people had to work for their food. By the sweat of their own brow and the work of their own hands food came from the ground. If they didn’t work they didn’t eat.

What we think is uncomfortable today would have been a cake walk for them. What we have to adjust our minds to is that being uncomfortable is normal. The cosmetics people don’t want you to think that. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to think that. It could even be your therapist doesn’t want want you to think that. But it’s true.

If you want to grow get used to being uncomfortable. Clinging to comfort is the fastest way to die. It isn’t any way to live. Life lived unchallenged is life not lived to potential.

This isn’t a guilt trip. It isn’t a kick. It is life in context of all the generations before us who would say how easy we had it. No one will force us to try. No one will live our lives for us. We need to stretch. We need to grow. We need change. Everything else is one step closer to dying.

This is not just true of us as individuals. It is true of our churches as well. Leadership stuck on keeping people comfortable is leadership that is managing a slow and agonizing death.

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