Brainstorm: If you were writing a discipling curriculum what would you include?

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I envision it following Jesus’ discipling process and topics in the Gospels. I think it would also need to equip the discipler to be flexible in the study. Be interested in the other person so you ask good questions and know lesson 2 doesn’t always follow lesson 1. Everyone is different and no cookie cutter is going to make perfectly shaped, consistent disciples. Part of it is learn as you go.

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  1. Start with consistency and remain consistent, no matter what the culture demands.
    There ARE right ways to act, and there ARE wrongs ways to act. Jesus was consistent in his teaching whether culture or other religious leaders agreed with him or not.
    Assume personal responsibility and do not hand it off to others.

    1. Mentor and no more than 2 trainees. A greeting, an opening prayer, discussion of last meeting ideas or activities. A Bible reading. Mentor describes today’s activity. Some sort of venture out into the people’s world. Go to a place and fish for men. The step by step introduction of talking to people, bringing up the gospel, speaking with people, inviting them to worship, some form of step by step intervention into the world as a walk with, or walk for God. End with prayer, a blessing for our attempts and some pizza.

  2. What is insignificant to the majority, can be major to an individual. I think of the woman suffering from bleeding touching his cloak to be healed. To everyone around her nothing was going on, other than seeing Jesus. However, she was suffering and her faith healed her. Her life was changed. Combined with Elijah on the mountain hearing the quiet voice. God is the small moments.

  3. Current thinking and events and how to be a Christian amidst the name calling, fighting, and distrust of people for living in a red state or blue state. I heard a rabbi preach a sermon not too long ago on decency, common human decency, which is the first part of following God, reiterated by Jesus answering the question about the greatest commandments. The government of Rome was downright heinous, Christianity was illegal, there were temples in every town, and that is when Christianity thrived. Yes, many were martyred, but the faith wasn’t and still isn’t about missionary societies, one cup vs multiple, pews vs chairs, etc.

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