Is the Great Commission for Us Today?

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It is hard to believe but there are some people who really believe we don’t have to make disciples today. I think there are several reasons for that:

1 – We haven’t focused on making disciples in the past and we really enjoy and are comfortable with the conversations we already know.

2 – Discipleship has been abused by people in the past and we don’t want to repeat those mistakes

3 – Some people are making excuses (this is probably a smaller number)

Check out the video for why it is essential that we begin emphasizing our need to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28.

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2 Responses

  1. But Matt, why should we believe in and follow the Great Commission? The lines have become so blurred in our acceptance of other believers who “we” have declared to also be children of God?

    Since baptism does not seem to be important anymore, according to some of our big name preachers what is the reason for evangelizing?

    When I hear someone say that “we” do not have the right to “judge” who is a child of God or not, what is the sense of evangelizing? After all, they, too believe in the God of the Bible.

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