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Sometimes our boys will tell us how much pain they are in, usually in their legs. We tell them these are “growing pains.”

There are pains we have to endure in this life if we are going to grow. Leadership cannot focus on pain avoidance but on picking the right path and sticking with it through the pain.

If you aren’t feeling some discomfort you aren’t growing.

What is something that is difficult for you but necessary?

What are you doing (or is God doing) to help you get through it?

One of the most wonderful things about Christianity is we know Jesus went first. He was willing to go through more than what he needs us to go through.

Imagine if Jesus had been a pain avoidant leader? The church would have never grown and we wouldn’t be having these discussions right now.

I don’t like pain but I am thankful for it.

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  1. I have always been uncomfortable during periods when I do not have a a group of friends surrounding me. I am going thru one of those periods now. At first, I found myself resentful and angry, both with myself and God. However, gradually over time, God allow me to see how my marriage has been strengthened. I was told of how I was contributing in a positive way that I had not seen for myself. He has allowed me to see myself in a different light, which in turn is helping me to show grace to others that in past I might not have.

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