Discipleship: Where Do I Even Start? Two Things to Quick Start the Process

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We have laid a good foundation in the last few dozen posts. Let’s get absurdly practical.

Find someone this week and ask them to coffee. Before you meet, each of you read Matthew 13:1-23 (the parable of the sower). Pray over it on your own and do your best to understand what you think it means. Come up with some questions you have on this passage. Both of you do this homework.

Then get together with the other person. Read the passage together. Share your thoughts and questions. Pray with each other. Schedule your next meeting at the end.

If that is too big of an ask, try this.

Find someone to have coffee with this week. Sit down with them and the only agenda is for each of you to answer one question – how is your walk with Jesus going? Schedule your next meeting at the end.

That’s it.

Then come back here and let us know how it went!

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