The 4,380,000 Step Plan For Discipleship

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4000 steps a day.

365 days in a year.

3 years with Jesus.

If the disciples walked 4,380,000 steps with Jesus (I bet it was far more) we learn immediately that there is no 5 step plan to becoming a disciple of Jesus. There is a 4,380,000 step plan. It is going to take every day. Every step. Several years to see the growth Jesus can teach you.

This is what I referred to as Stage 2 of defining dicipleship. It is defined in the journey. It is defined on the road.

It all starts today with a single step. So take that step.

If you are looking for a get their quick approach, this is going to stretch your expectations. It is one decision at a time. One day at a time. Over and over and over again.

This takes discipline. It takes beginning with the end in mind. For most of us this will require some serious adjustments in our lives…some changes in our thinking.

What kind of changes? We will get to that but I bet you already know.

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