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There is plenty to go around but how much of it is yours to own?


It is the gift we want to give but not receive…dispense freely but never hoard.


Blame sets you free when you hand it to someone else but feels like it imprisons you when you hold on to it.


The truth is blame is like God in that it is not a respecter of persons. It shows no partiality. It is either warranted or it isn’t and everyone has their opinion on which is which.

Blame is not like God in that it is not eternal. It is not a personality. It is a society tool to keep things in check. Blame keeps things in check are large as nations and as small as individuals.

It is one of the only things all of us will own but are not stuck with forever.

The good news is that blame can be resolved. First, it must be recognized. Second, it must be owned. Only when it is owned can the instigating event be atoned. Then one can move on from the blame, better.

Don’t fear blame. Fear abusing it. Fear misusing it. Fear avoiding it when it is due you.

Don’t fear blame because that fear can keep you from doing something great when your best intentions blow up and things fall apart and you know you would have never had to face it if you had stayed on the couch.

Don’t stay on the couch. Get up. Go out. Create. Work. Intend and intention.

Blame comes with great responsibility. It comes with responsibility in who you choose to hand it to and how we choose to handle it when it is handed to you. The way you do that not only says something about who you are but about who you are becoming.

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