Pushing Past Fear and Pain

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We often get paralyzed by anticipated pain. We become fearful and avoidant. It is often easier to anticipate failure than success and there are times when in the short run we will fail more than we will succeed but whoever told you life was a 10 second sprint was lying. It is a marathon…an ultra, ultra marathon and the only way to succeed is to keep pressing toward the goal. It is one step in front of the last until you arrive at the goal.

We anticipate failure and the costs that come with failure: relational, financial, our ego, etc. However, the pain of being paralyzed by that fear comes at a far greater cost than the pain of risking it and failing. What’s more…you might just succeed and success comes with a whole new set of considerations when it comes to fear and pain.

Sometimes we even fear success. We fear it because it will require more of us and it seems easier to stay right where we are then own up to a new level of challenges.

What you are doing right now already comes with its own pain and discomfort. The more you try to avoid reality the more painful things become. So manage your fears and embrace the pain that comes from pursuing what is best rather than settling for something less because somehow you think that you are avoiding pain in doing so. You aren’t.

It’s time to move ahead.

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