New Lesson Download – Acts and the Early Church

I do a lot of lesson writing and as I do I try to write them in a way that they can be re-used by others. So here is the latest lesson series uploaded to the site – Acts and the Early Church. This series attempts to connect various aspects of history (biblical and extra biblical) into a study of Acts. This is suited more for a Bible class than a small group but it would make someone’s job a lot easier preparing any kind of lesson series on Acts. I hope you find it helpful!

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  1. Dwight Haas says:

    Often times we refer to Acts as the acts of the apostles, but in reality it is the acts of the saints (apostles included). As you note it isn’t about one person, Paul or any other person.
    Or perhaps it might be really about the acts of God among His people.
    It is like looking at the people as they escape Egypt, except they are escaping slavery to sin/death. God is leading the Way.

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