How God Sees You

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I cannot begin to tell you how many times I wish my kids could see themselves as I see them. They are so loved. They are so cherished. They are so blessed. I can’t fathom loving them any more than I already do. But from their perspective it is impossible to see these things to the full extent of their reality. I wish so badly that they could understand things from my perspective but they just aren’t able. So then I hope that in time that they can grow more and more to see themselves as I see them…to see themselves as courageous, as lovable and as people who belong.

Then I think about where my blindspots are in my own self image. Where are the places I fail to see myself as God sees me? Where are the areas in my life and qualities of my character that I am far harder on myself than God is? Oh to see ourselves as our Father sees us would be a game-changer. I am sure God cannot fathom loving us any more than he already does. This would take away our shame. It would remove from us as far as the east is from the west, not our transgressions (he has already done that) but the guilty feelings of our transgressions that seems to haunt us longer than the actual guilt that Jesus has already taken from us.

I wish I could see myself as God sees me. Just like with my own children it wouldn’t mean everything I am doing is okay (I mess up a lot) but that I am okay even when I mess up because it doesn’t change who I am or the value I have. My kids have a hard time understanding this and, apparently, I do as well!

It would also change my view of myself in light of my view of my own siblings. One of the greatest challenges as a parent is to moderate sibling rivalry and to balance our words with our kids. You can’t seem to compliment one without complimenting the other because siblings are constantly in competition. I often wish my kids could understand how I see each of them and the similarities and differences that exist so that they would appreciate both self and other in some validating ways. Then I think about my own self-evaluation in light of my spiritual siblings and think about how frustrating it must be to God to see his children comparing themselves and defining their worth based on each other and how we think God sees other people compared to ourselves. Somehow we never grew out of it…we just reapplied these principles to a much larger family.

A lot would change if I could see myself as God sees me but the truth is I will never have that kind of vision of reality. Instead, I have to come to know my Father better in order to understand myself and my spiritual siblings. The more I know my Father and listen to him the more I realized how lovable I am and just how much I belong…and you do too…and both of those are great things that never call for comparison. They only call on us to rejoice in the reality of God’s view of each and every one of us…even if it is hard to understand.

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