Bible Study Tip #1 Consistency

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If you want to know God’s Word you have to study regularly. Consistency is the key even if what you are reading or studying is a very small amount. It isn’t about getting through the Bible in a year. It isn’t about always doing an in depth study. Knowing the Bible takes consistency. Be in the Bible at least a little bit every day and you will notice that your knowledge of scripture will grow consistently. When we challenge ourselves to take on too big of a task when it comes to Bible study we often lack consistency. I believe you will find that you will read more scripture over time if you commit yourself to reading a little at a time every single day.

Here are a few ways to accomplish this:

  1. Read a chapter of Proverbs a day to read through Proverbs monthly. Whatever day of the month it is, read that chapter of Proverbs
  2. Read 5 psalms a day to read through the Psalms monthly. There are 150 psalms divided by roughly 30 days per month
  3. Read 3 chapters a day of the New Testament a day and you will read the entire New Testament four times a year. If you scale that down to 2 chapters a day you will read the entire New Testament three times a year
  4. If you want to be in the Gospels regularly, commit to 3 chapters a day and you will read through all four gospels every single month. Can you imagine how well you would know the gospels if you read them a dozen times a year?
  5. If you take that same pace with Paul’s letters (3 chapters a day) you would read through all of Paul’s letters each month.

No matter what plan you make for yourself, make one you can stick with because consistency is the key rather than quantity. We often pick quantity over our ability to be consistent and then get discouraged when we fall behind. The right plan is one you will do consistently!

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