Filling the Emptiness

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In order for anything to get filled it must have room to receive. If something is already full there is no room for anything new. When we make ourselves overly busy we have no room left to be filled.

Ironically our busyness is often an indicator of our emptiness.

When we fill our hearts with artificial-God substitutes, it may taste sweet, but it only leaves us wanting the real thing more than we ever did before.

Only God can fill you.

How will He do so if there isn’t any room?

Make room for God. Clear the clutter. Incise the distractions. Invite Him in. When you do, you will find a fullness that you have never experienced anywhere else before.

Where will God put what you need if He has no room in you to put it?

2 Responses

  1. What I see today are many church members filling their emptiness with power. The peace, the meekness of Christ that is “embraced” in religious settings is not trusted for actual life. The promises of the “big & bad” are the the ones that excite them.

  2. This is also true of knowledge or a belief that we have filled in all the nooks and crannies in knowing…thus we are only primed to give out and not receive new and possibly better information. This was true of the Pharisees who thought they had ultimate knowledge of the Law of Moses and yet did not in reality.

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