The Spiritual Physical – Tuning Our Eyes and Ears to See & Hear Holistically

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There is an idea out there that there are physical, temporary things and there are spiritual, eternal things. The reality is the distinction is not so distinct. The spiritual permeates everything.

This is something that is not always readily apparent but it can become apparent to the person who wants to see it. The type of discernment it takes to understand this can be developed but first it must be desired.

Jesus talked about this when he talked about having ears to hear and eyes to see. This is something that can be developed and the key to developing the eyes to see is not about learning a particular technique as much as it is desire. This is pure desire. This is not the desire of Simon in Acts 8 who desired the gifts of the Spirit for his own gain. This is a pure desire that wants to see life closer and closer to how God sees it.

When we desire to know God and to follow the ways of Jesus our eyes will begin to attune to things that we never noticed before. Words won’t sound the same and people won’t look the same. The things around us will begin speaking to us, not in an odd psychedelic, psychotic or schizophrenic way but in a way that creation reminds us of the Creator.

Do you desire to see the spiritual that is embedded in everything around you?

If you do then I encourage you to begin to look for it. The more you desire it the more you look for it and the more you look for it the more you find it. Let us be people whose eyes truly see and whose ears truly hear and let us appreciate the totality of creation is only made whole by un-dichotomizing the physical and the spiritual to see things holistically…as they truly exist.

For clarity sake I am not saying that all physical things ontologically spirit, much less divine (this is no attempt at pantheism!). I am saying that the creation itself is more enmeshed with the spiritual than is often recognized.

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