How to Put the Guard Spring Back in a Ryobi 10 Inch Miter Saw

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After searching high and low for the answer to my question and finding very little help online, much less pictures of how to do this I thought I would post this here for anyone searching for help.

I was changing the blade in my Ryobi miter saw this morning and what should have been a 5 minute job turned into a 1 hour+ job! In order to change the blade there is a little screw in the side of the metal blade housing that needs removed. Now, you don’t remove the center screw. Nope. Not that one…the other one that is off to the side around 2:00 from the center of the blade housing. That one. If you do the middle screw get ready for an hour+ of fun!

Needless to say I removed the center screw. When I did this little spring fell out and I had no idea what I was up against. So here is what you do.

First make sure the saw is off. Next remove the blade. This is done by loosening the screw mentioned above and sliding the plate up and out of the way so you can remove the screw that attaches the blade. This screw is threaded backwards.

Once the blade is off you take the plastic guard and put the little spring on the inside of it in the center.


The spring has two prongs on it. In the picture you can see the inner prong is in the hole around 6:00 and the outer prong is sticking up at 2:00. The inner prong goes into a little hole in the inner side of the circle at the center of the plastic guard. The outer prong goes into the metal blade housing on the outside of the saw itself. That last part is the tricky part.

Here is the hole in the saw the outer prong goes into (6:30).


To do that more easily (this was not easy at all until I figured it out) I removed the little black rubber guard stop on the saw itself (not the one on the plastic guard) to allow more play in getting the guard in a position to get the little prong in the hole on the saw. Here is that little guard. You will have to hold the nut with pliars and use a Philips screwdriver.


The first few times I was able to use a pair of needle nose pliars to put the prong in the hole on the saw. Remember, before you do that you first have to put the inner prong into the little hold on the plastic guard so that the entire spring sits down inside the circle on the plastic guard.

After a few tries I was able to not even use pliars and just shift the guard enough, line the prong up with the hole on the saw and push it directly in. Then you have to hold it tight while you bring the arm over with the silver circle on it that holds the guard against the saw.

Next you put the black screw up in the metal guard and out the screw hole, through the plastic guard and the metal circle and then put on the washer and nut. If you over tighten the guard won’t go up and down so you have to play with the tightness of that nut.

Last, in order for this to work the three notches in the metal circle on the little black arm that swings over from the back of the saw have to match up with the three corresponding spots on the plastic guard. That allows the spring to have tension. Here are the three notches lined up.


Make sure to put the little rubber stopper back on the saw. Play with the tightness of the center screw until the guard moves correctly.

If you have a question feel free to email me –

Good luck!

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  1. Yep those little Springs Matt you are always take out them the wrong thing in the little spring falls out.
    But then again aren’t we used to it.
    Getting things upside down and backwards is it compared to what.
    Some things are just too simple for my complex mine are too complex for my simple mind.
    God help us all thank God it’s salvation by grace through faith.
    Because if it wasn’t we’d all be…

  2. I had the same problem… I used a C clamp to hold it in place so I could screw in the center screw. The guard slides on me… is it because of the tightness of the center screw?

    The Yugo has nothing on this design.

    1. Check two things: play with the tightness of the screw until you get the play in the guard dialed in as it goes up and down and second make sure the three prongs the middle piece fits into is lined up right so when it is tightened down it is being held in place tight enough.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I went to change my blade, and the manual was so confusing. I went down the same path you did and removed the plastic guard. Ugh! You saved me. Your instructions are so clear. You should be writing their manuals for them. Again, thank you!

    1. Had the exact same issue. Got ny saw at a gsrage sale so I didn’t have a manual. Removes that center bolt and as soon as a spring dropped out I knew I made a mistake! Thank God for the internet and helpful people like you!

  4. I should have read this before I spent two hours trying to figure it out. I was close……All of this because the laser stopped working. I changed the batteries in the laser and, now I have everything put back together and it seems the laser works after I release the power button, not when I depress the power button. Got any ideas?

  5. Lazer battery’s or switch may be backwards.
    If the spring is way out of alignment —
    Also another option is to break the rivet and replace or put a small nut and bolt on. Makes it easier to attach the spring and the disk but a few more steps to reassemble.

  6. Had to tighten up the blade guard on my saw today and since it was the third time figured I’d take out the bolt and use some Loc-tite to keep it from happening again. Little did I know the trouble I was about to find. I struggled for about 15 minutes before searching the problem on the net and was very happy to find your detailed explanation as to how to put it all back together. After reading and studying your illustrations it took me all of five minutes to put it all back together with Loctite and hope this never happens again. Finding your post was a blessing and I do appreciate you putting this up for others to read. Take care, Scott

  7. Thank you, thank you and thank you Matt! Same thing happened to me, I spent 2 hours and couldn’t put everything back. After reading your above explanation, took me 3 mins to fix it. Now, I can continue with with home project. Cheers!

  8. I am having trouble with lining up the plastic guard without it hitting the blade after changing blades. Seems so simple but I can’t line it up…

  9. I took this plastic guard off to be able to close the trunk on the Z3. Springs and parts went everywhere. Went to Home Depot tool repair and they said it would be 3 weeks before they could get to it. Big back log. Plus they had never put one back together before. (I was thinking how much an hour are they going to charge me to figure this out. Thanks to you this only took me about 30 min’s. Thanks

  10. Thank you, Matt!! You are a blessing. Ten months after Harvey and we’re entering the final stage of repairing our home. Today has been one of those days in which every thing we set out to accomplish took twice as long due to one complication after another. My dad, unfortunately, also erroneously removed the guard to change the blade. We struggled for almost two hours before I went online to search for help. I found your post within seconds and 20 minutes later, we had every thing back together! God is good!
    Thank you again! Have a wonderful, blessed day!!

  11. Hey, I made the same mistake and this guide helped to fix it. Only thing I did differently was to put the spring into the saw first, then slide the guard over the other pin. Thanks!

  12. Finally! after 3 days (one hour+ each day) and review and review and redo and redo. Your pictures show it all. Thank you so much!

    1. I have a sliding 10 “ Ryobi. The spring has arm and there are no holes in the centre of the lower guard?

  13. Thank you a ton. I was about to give up on the blade guard, and I’ve accidentally started the blade often enough that this was a pretty scary prospect.

  14. Thanks Matt. You saved me a ton of aggravation. My wife helped me it was good to have a second set of hands.

  15. Excellent. My problem was the guard stopped lifting properly some months back. I now surmise the spring came loose (not sure how, not sure it won’t happen again). Your instructions are excellent but only after one actually takes it apart! However, next time it fails (the saw is almost 20 years old), it’s off to Harbor Freight for me.

  16. My plastic lower blade guard somehow got caught in the spinning blade, and the guard shattered in 3 pieces. Actually, it exploded…scary. Thankfully, I was wearing eye protection. I epoxied all the pieces together then was lost as to put the guard back in working order. Then I found your post this morning. Yay and yay! I secured the screw head to the back of the metal plate with tape to keep it from falling out of the hole when I was installing the spring, etc. That helped a lot to keep colorful language to a minimum. Your directions and photos were great. Thanks!

  17. Thank God you posted this! You are a life saver!!!!!! I wish you an abundant life of good food and exciting adventures! ~Jordan and Maricel in Wisconsin

  18. Hi, Matt. Just had to say thanks for posting this. My husband, also Matt, had the same thing happen today and your post was a lifesaver. Stay safe and well in this crazy time.

  19. I, too, put a piece of tape over the spring setting. Once installed, I pulled the tape out. PS put a hole in the tape so screw can pass through. . .

  20. I didn’t think a write up on this would exist and found yours. I just want to say THANK YOU. I was really stressing and you saved my afternoon.

  21. I could kiss you!! You saved me from a very frustrating situation and I thank you!! At least I know what to do now, even though I took the scenic route for a bit.

  22. Helpful hint: Duck tape the nut to the back of the metal plate housing first. It will make it a lot easier to get the bolt that holds the guard back on,

  23. Yeah, so thanks! You saved me as well today. After an hour of despair trying to put this back together I googled it and found your article. Took 3 minutes to fix.

  24. Thanks, I did the same thing easy blade change turned into a couple hours . Removing the stop is the a must,

  25. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for this – exactly what I need. The pictures on this site aren’t working for me though, I wonder if those links need to be refreshed?

    I will try to follow your instructions regardless.

    Cheers, Anthony

  26. Thank you!!! I was close to purchasing a new saw because of the agony a recoil spring brought. Your instructions were impeccable and all is well again!
    Thank you!

  27. Holy cow. Thanks so much for writing this. I’m so glad to find out I’m not the only person who’s done this. Great instructions! Finally got my saw fixed.

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