Being Sent and Being Present

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We live a life of sending…always another place to go and another thing to do. It is important that we are purposeful about the space between our departure and arrival…that we take time to understand that our purpose is not just when we get there but how we get there and what happens along the way. I am a firm believer that God sends us for particular tasks but that a lot of the tasks we can accomplish aren’t just reserved for when we get there but for the journey. This is the person at the gas station as you pump gas on the way to that really important meeting or the person who walks by you on the sidewalk as you get out of your car. Sometime the purpose isn’t in the arrival but in the sending and in the going and the impact that you can make in the “meetings” that happen when you aren’t in meetings.

Jesus talked a lot about having eyes to see and ears to hear and I believe these sorts of things are the kind that we have to tune ourselves into in order to be purposeful about them otherwise we will constantly miss the people God puts right in front of us on the way to see someone else or do something else. Our busyness is distracting and it can influence us to miss the most important events and people around us when we are always on the way to do something other than what we are doing right now. So be sent, yes…but also be present. Life isn’t always about being somewhere you aren’t!

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