Looking Toward 2016

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Another trip around the sun and another chance to look at life from a new perspective. As the New Year rolls around it reminds us that we always have an opportunity to start afresh, to turn the page and write something on the next page that hasn’t been written before. Maybe the opportunity isn’t for us to write the next chapter ourselves but to take the pen from our hands and hand it to the author of life to write the next chapter for us.

That being said, my hope is to look toward 2016 with an attitude of full submission to the Lord and His will…to do less writing in the book of my life and more reading of what God is trying to write…to do less editing of what he writes and submit more fully to each word, each sentence, paragraph, page and chapter and be happy with whatever I find there.

I am looking forward to 2016. I hope you do as well! May God be glorified by our lives. May He be glorified not just with what conclusions we reach and the doctrines we teach but also in how we discuss and deal with each other concerning those matters.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?


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