An “Aha” About God’s Love for Me from 1 John 1

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I am not much of a self promoter so that is not what this is about at all but I feel compelled to share something here that I shared yesterday morning. Fast forward to 1:13:30. Just for some context on this – I don’t really like writing introductions to sermons because I always figure something will be said or done in the service that will tie into what needs to be said in the sermon so that the sermon is more mutual and connected. I began the sermon yesterday tying in two things said earlier in the service: 1) what was said in the welcome, “Hi I am Marcus. I am not a minister here but I am just a guy who is trying to please the Lord” and 2) a communion talk on 1 John 1 and a phrase used there about having “hiccups” when we communicate (which I say I am trying not to have in my sermon). So I started the sermon with those two connection points from earlier in the service to lead into a sermon about God’s love for us. Maybe this will help you as much as it helped me.

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